Heart To Heart Christian Academy


Heart to Heart Christian Academy (H2H) Vision is to see students and people succeed in every area of life, spiritually and academically by genuine love and effective teaching.




Heart to Heart Christian Academy’s (H2H) mission is to spiritually educate our students as well as academically educate them by:

1.    Being a place of learning were students, parents, and teachers are followers of Christ and seek to keep Him preeminent in every school program.

2.    Being a place of nurture with a Christ-centered environment where students and families are reached with the Word of God.

3.    Being a school where learning is Bible-based and students adopt a Biblical worldview value system, discerning truth from error and learning the value of a daily walk with the Lord.

4.    Being a school recognized within our circle of influence for a student body that presents a well-disciplined testimony for Christ and is accountable for its behaviors.

5.    Being a school known and respected in our community for a dedicated and Godly faculty who uphold the tradition of high ethical and moral standards, personal integrity, and Biblical evangelism.

6.    Being a school with excellent programs supporting strong academics, technology and more.

7.    H2H will be a quality campus which builds into the future for our students a school with growing state-of-the-art facilities and equipment and an attractive, functional, safe campus.

8.    H2H will be a dedicated school providing a clear support of the community, parents, alumni, and local churches.

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