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  Class Schedule  

Bell Times English History Math Science Bible Electives

Miss Flornoy           

M-F  Group A (8:20-10:30)


Tues, Wed, Thu.

Group B

Study Hall            (Mon, Fri)  Group B
9:30-10:30       Art                            (Mon-Fri.) Group B

Miss Flornoy                           

      M-F   Group B (10:40-12:30)


Tues, Wed, Thu.

Group A

Art                         (Mon, Fri)  Group A

Mr. Weaver                

M-F    Group A (11:40-2:25)                       Class will go to lunch at 12:35 then return to Mr. Weaver by 1:35

1:35-2:25     Group B will be in either Art or Video Production (Mon-Fri) 1:35-2:25 

Mr. Weaver 

    M-F    Group B (2:30-3:20)    

Math (M,W,F) Science (Tue,Thu)

2:30-3:20 (Mon-Fri) Group A will have the choice between Art, Video Production or Performing Arts
Lunch Schedule
K-2nd 10:30-11:00   Elementary Blended Class will go to lunch with 6th Grade.
3rd-4th 11:10-11:40   All lunch counts will be collected no later than 9:00
5th-6th 11:45-12:15   All attendance needs to be taken within the first 10 minutes of class


Back in class at 1:35